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Cloud 9 Radio

2013-11-30 17:41:57 by JaxChords

Cloud 9 Radio is officially up and it is crazy! Check it out!


2013-05-19 17:24:44 by JaxChords

So summer is a week away for me and I already have 2 originals lined up to be released shortly after that. I plan on getting a bunch of new gadgets and making a lot of music so be prepared to have your minds blown!


2013-04-06 20:48:36 by JaxChords

Just got done with a small hiatus after working on the Beatport Remix Competition for Hello by Stafford Brothers but am now full swing into my second release ever which is turning to be quite nice. I am now making a ton of sounds on massive and just adding to my library and every sound in this latest production was original and not used off of any youtube videos so if you say "Hey Jax, I noticed you used the same bass as blah you should kill yourself." WELL YOUR'E WRONG. And if it is like someone elses they must have great taste :p

New Here

2013-03-15 17:54:05 by JaxChords

Working on some music!