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2013-04-06 20:48:36 by JaxChords

Just got done with a small hiatus after working on the Beatport Remix Competition for Hello by Stafford Brothers but am now full swing into my second release ever which is turning to be quite nice. I am now making a ton of sounds on massive and just adding to my library and every sound in this latest production was original and not used off of any youtube videos so if you say "Hey Jax, I noticed you used the same bass as blah you should kill yourself." WELL YOUR'E WRONG. And if it is like someone elses they must have great taste :p


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2013-04-06 22:55:52

You don't even have any fans. No one is going to say you're ripping off anything, sadly. I'm in the same boat. Kinda. I have a few followers, but not much. You seem legit though.

JaxChords responds:

Lol I know but because I am new I know there's gonna be one dickhead whos gonna be like this sounds like fuckin Skrillex and you should just stop. So I just wanted to make a point


2013-04-07 01:59:00

Well... screw the fools who don't appreciate good taste!

Welcome back, buddy! :)


2013-04-07 06:58:18

Welcome back!